In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we're releasing a band that vibrates every time you touch your face.

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Quit hair pulling and other bad habits with the

Slightly Robot


Regain control and calm your hands with the original Slightly Robot Hand Tracking Bracelet.

Skin Picking

Hair Pulling

Nail Biting

Here to help

The Slightly Robot Bracelet is a discrete way to help you control compulsive hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting

Evidence based, human tested, psychologist approved.

My clients really are helped by this tech and as a therapist I'm pleased knowing it helps me with the hardest part of my job: getting my clients to do self-monitoring!

Mary Torres, Torres Counseling, Burien, WA

Stylish and very easy to set up. Thank you for being a resource for those that suffer from hair pulling.

Kelly Z.

It even made me conscious of the urge BEFORE I was physically moving my hand, which is huge for me, because often I would start being aware of it only after a few hairs have left my face.

Gilad, Israel


Customize it.

Not just to your needs, but also to your personality. Choose from one of seven bands at checkout, then calibrate your bracelet to your own condition

Multiple styles of the Slightly Robot Bracelet used to treat trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), dermatillomania (excoriation disorder, skin picking), and other habits

Regain Control

Time since last slip

Daily progress

Vibration notification

Constant monitoring

Designed for hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting, the Slightly Robot Bracelet, calibrated to your personal behaviors, monitors your hand position and vibrates whenever your hands go where they're not supposed to. Long term trends are automatically logged in your phone to see how you are doing.

Sporting a nylon or genuine leather strap and stainless steel buckles, the bracelet is water resistant, ruggedly durable and downright chic, not to mention comfortable.