Wear OS App

Slightly Robot provides a free app for [Android] Wear OS smartwatches that does everything the bracelet does. Please be aware that Slightly Robot only runs on smartwatches running the Wear OS (Android Wear) operating system paired with an Android phone. If you have an iPhone or don't like smartwatches please purchase one of our bracelets instead. We don't support any other watches or peripherals such as Apple Watch, Tizen, Pebble and Fitbit. If you're not sure whether we support a smartwatch or your have any other questions please email us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Due to the proliferation of Wear OS smartwatches we cannot guarantee out software will run on them. Usually it does, but the only one we have thoroughly tested is the LG G Watch.

Setup Instructions

  1. Make sure you're using a supported smartwatch running the Android Wear operating system.
  2. Install Google's Android Wear smartwatch app on your Android phone.
  3. Use the Wear OS smartwatch app to pair your watch with your phone.
  4. Install the Slightly Robot app on your phone.
  5. On your Android Wear smartwatch, open the Play Store app, scroll down to Slightly Robot (under "apps on your phone") and then press install. Wait for installation.
  6. In the Slightly Robot phone app click on "Smartwatch" in the ⋮ menu.
  7. Wait for moving graphs to appear on your phone. When they do you're ready to go.

Usage Instructions

  1. Open the Slightly Robot app on your phone and click on "Smartwatch" in the ⋮ menu.
  2. Position your hand wearing the watch as if you're pulling your hair (or biting your fingernails, etc). Hold your hand still.
  3. Without moving your hand, press the "Calibrate" button in the phone app. You
  4. Hold your hand in the position you use to pull your hair. Wait for a vibration. The watch will bring up a screen asking if you're pulling your hair. Press "Yes" to confirm and record this event. Press "No" to put the Slightly Robot app to sleep for a while.
  5. To fine-tune your calibrations, check out these sections on How it Works, For Best Results, and Troubleshooting.