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My brother Joseph and I founded Slightly Robot back in 2015 after spending a few months tinkering with sensors on a summer project. Some of the way in, we realized that what we had built could be used to help us with some of our own problems, nail biting and skin picking, respectively. Not only that, after some more research we discovered an entire community of trichsters, skin pickers, and nail biters a lot like us also looking for a solution. It's still just the two of us here but since those early days in our basement we've shipped hundreds of bracelets to hundreds of people. Along the way we've met brilliant, wonderful researchers, doctors, therapists, community organizers, children, adults, engineers, and friends without whom we would never have gotten this far, so now all we're trying to do is give back to the community.

Questions, problems, suggestions or just want to vent about compulsive behaviors? Send us an email and we promise that one of us founders will reply to you personally.