When will the Slightly Robot Bracelet be available to purchase?
Both Android and iOS are available right now. Click the Shop button

How does it work?
Check out the Setup page.

Does my phone need to be on and connected to the bracelet/smartwatch at all times?
Yes. Our next version of the bracelet will work while not connected to a smartphone. If you want one, please email us and we'll get back to you when it's ready.

Does my phone need to be on and connected to the Internet?
Only to install our app. After that, no.

What conditions does it work for?
The works best for detecting behavior that puts the hands near the hair, mouth, or face (i.e. the forearm is roughly vertical) because these positions are relatively uncommon in daily life. The bracelet will detect any position, but it can have trouble distinguishing between things like putting your hand in your pocket and touching your thigh and will vibrate in both situations.

Can I get one for each hand?
Yes. You even get a discount if you use the coupon code PAIR. If you have an Android phone you can even get a bracelet for one hand and an Android Wear smartwatch for the other.

Does the app record long-term data so I can find out what triggers my habits?
Yes. The data can be viewed on a calendar, or aggregated by weekday or by time of day.

I already have a smartwatch. Can I use this instead of a Slightly Robot Bracelet?
Yes, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch and an Android phone.

Apple Watch?
Nope. The battery lasts for less than a day when we run our software on it. We'll try again if Apple makes a better watch.

Pebble? Fitbit? Samsung Gear?

I can't get it to work
Contact our programmer Joseph. Don't be shy. He likes fixing problems and they're always his fault.

How can I help?
Talk about us! Talk about your condition! Spread awareness!